Welcome Stranger, to the land of Dorwine!

Suggested Play Time: 4-6 hours

Basic overview: Marfalcon Songsteel, the infamous assassin, has finally been apprehended. Four willing adventurers volunteer to transport the convict from the Thorpe of Cardend to the City of Breneheim, where he will be trialled. En route the adventurers must take shelter at ‘The Harper’s Cup’, from a vicious, and very sudden, blizzard.

Backstory: Your adventurers are hired by Elros Fletcher, an injured (by Songsteel) military commander, who has to seek medical attention. His only advice is never to trust Songsteel, and never, ever, give him a weapon. Their journey begins as a blizzard suddenly hits, a mile from The Harper’s Cup Inn.

Suggested Levels: Scalable, though content may be geared in scope toward newer adventures

Layout: The Thorpe of Cardend is little more than four or five buildings scattered on either side of a weedy road. On the road PCs will pass a neglected graveyard, where Songsteel was hiding. The Withered Woods are a thick, impassable, canopy of trees, stretching over 10 miles between Cardend and Breneheim. The Seventh Trail leads 15 miles east to west alongside the Withered Woods, with the base of Mount Silent to the north, The Harper’s Cup stands alone, two thirds along this narrow trail.

Friendly or Neutral NPCs: Elros Fletcher, an injured military commander; Pan, the innkeeper; Ideg, Rega, Gudli & Bagsi, various patrons of the inn.

Hostile NPCs: Undead, Humans, Goblins, Orcs, Lizardfolk, a few things not seen before.

A note on Dorwine: A primal world of sunlit woodlands, deep lakes, and snow-capped peaks. The world is mostly populated by humans, though with large numbers of other races. The humans of Dorwine are renowned as devout warriors, although not all of them are heroic.

The Harper's Cup

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